Why Consider Wooden Crates When Moving House?


When homeowners are considering packaging materials for their move, they tend to gravitate toward cardboard boxes. Although these may serve their purpose for a one-way trip, cardboard boxes tend to become ruined during the unpacking process. If you would like to invest in materials that can last significantly longer, then you should contemplate wooden crates for your packaging needs during your relocation. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider wooden crates when moving house.

Wooden crates are strong

One of the advantages of opting for wooden crates over cardboard boxes is that wooden crates are much stronger. As such, they are better suited at carrying heavy materials without posing the risk of collapsing and damaging your belongings while in transit. Since wooden crate are stronger, you also get the chance to pack more items in one crate without risking damage to the crate as compared to a cardboard box.  Therefore, you would require fewer wooden crates to safely pack your belongings as compared to cardboard boxes.

Wooden crates have a long lifespan

Another reason to consider wooden crates over cardboard boxes is their extended lifespan. For cardboard boxes to stay in good condition, you would have to take extensive precautionary measures to ensure they are not exposed to elements that could damage them. For instance, if the cardboard boxes are to come into contact with moisture they would be ruined beyond repair. Although wooden crates should not be perpetually exposed to moist conditions, they can withstand a little water from time to time. All you would have to do is ensure the crates are dried out as soon as possible so that their structural integrity is not compromised. Another way that wooden crates have a prolonged lifespan is that they can be reused and up-cycled for various uses around the new home. Once you have unpacked, you can use the wooden crates as planters, book cases and even seats. This is not the same with cardboard boxes.

Wooden crates have stacking capabilities

When moving house, you may find you have to keep some items in storage as you settle into the new residence. Although cardboard boxes can be used for storage, it is not recommended to stack them, especially if they are storing heavy items. As such, they will take up a significant amount of floor space. Wooden crates, on the other hand, have vertical strength. This enables them to be stacked on top of one another without them breaking whilst taking minimal floor space.


16 August 2016

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