Refrigerator Trends: Features to Look For When Buying a Refrigerator

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The refrigerator manufacturing industries has seen significant technological changes and innovations over the years. These innovations have brought about the introduction of modern-style refrigeration systems with sophisticated features, improved performance, increased energy efficiency, and versatility in applications. Whether you are looking to buy a new refrigerator for your home, eatery business, or other refrigeration purposes, you need to consider these latest features and components.

Modular refrigerators

Conventional refrigerators are usually available in standard heights and widths and come with permanently mounted freezers. However, new configurations have been manufactured which are available in varying widths and heights to create more storage space and fit into different kitchen designs. These modular refrigerators also have freezers which can be separated from the refrigerator unit and placed in various places around the kitchen. This creates convenience and ease of access depending on the style that you have adopted for your kitchen.

Dual cooling systems

One problem experienced with single cooling system refrigerators is foul odors on dispensed ice. This is because as the cool air circulates the entire refrigerator, it picks up odors from the foods. These odors can affect the taste of your ice. To avoid this problem, technology has led to the introduction of systems with dual cooling systems which circulate air separately. The air circulating in the cooling unit is different from that in the freezer, and this keeps away the food odors from your ice.

Digital temperature control

Refrigerators with digital temperature control have digital screens that allow you to monitor and control the temperatures in different compartments of your refrigerator and freezer. This means that you can set different temperatures for the frozen foods in the freezer and for shelves with vegetables, cold beverages, produce, and much more.

In-door ice systems

Ice systems tend to consume a lot of valuable space in the freezer. However, with the indoor ice systems in newer models, you can free up substantial space in your freezer for frozen foods. Some indoor ice systems have ice buckets that can tilt out for easy removal. In addition to standard cube ice and crushed ice, some models even have an option for shaved ice.

Refrigerator drawers

Refrigerators with full-width cabinet drawers make it possible for you to store large platters, trays, foods, and drinks without overcrowding the space. These drawers are convenient when you need to keep food fresh without transferring it to smaller refrigerator-size containers. Some refrigerators have side tilt or glide drawers which can be accessed without opening the entire refrigerator. They also come with optional temperature control, making it possible to regulate temperature without affecting the rest of the refrigerator.

Consider purchasing a refrigerator with these innovative features to increase convenience, performance, and food storage options in your kitchen.


18 August 2016

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