Pros vs. Cons of Custom Made Boxes

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Custom made boxes will benefit you for a few reasons. First, you need to picture your business and its shipping needs. Consider how often you need boxes to ship. If you don't need boxes very often, then going with a standard box is a better cost-efficient step for you. If you use boxes often, at the very least in a weekly manner, then it will be worth it for you to look into custom made boxes and their negatives and benefits.


Of course one of the biggest benefits of custom made boxes is the customization factor. You can choose the exact size you want. If, for example, you are doing wine packaging, you could choose to add in a divider element that will keep the bottles from clinking together, protecting your product. Adding such elements is not an expensive step but is very worth the outcome. You can also choose for your custom made boxes to come with padding or some other safety element.

Other than the ability to make the boxes exactly as you would like, you also have to consider the benefit of added safety. Because of the options you have, your package is more likely to be safe. Why? Having an exact fit means that your product will not wiggle around in its custom packaging. If the boxes are a little big, you can always add a layer of padding to the top. This will help give an extra layer of safety. By using custom boxes, you will have a smaller likelihood of cracked or damaged products.


Custom made boxes can be a bit more expensive. If you order a large quantity at a time, you can usually save a bit of money with a discount. If there is no automatic discount, do not be afraid to ask. However, as mentioned before, if you will not be shipping often, the extra cost of the custom boxes may not fit your needs.

You will want to affirm the strength of your custom boxes. Some companies may use corrugated cardboard boxes, which can be a less expensive option. However, even though you are saving money, the box will not be strong. If it is stacked, it is possible that the product inside will be crushed. Before you order a large quantity of the boxes, affirm the material with which they are made. Make sure that it will fit your needs. 


19 August 2016

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