Protect Your Roof Repairmen

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If you own a business repairing roofs, or if you are thinking about going into such a business, you should consider what steps you can take to keep your repairmen safe on the job. This will keep your business reputable and your workers happy.


Your repairmen need the right tools so that they can do their job effectively. Here are two of the most important tools and why they will help your repairmen in staying safe.

  • Pulley- Pulleys will help keep your repairmen safe, because this tool will keep them from having to climb back and forth, up and down the ladder an unnecessary number of times. When repairmen have to do repetitive tasks such as climbing up and down the ladder, they tend to take less care because they simply want to get the tool they need and return to work. Taking the caution of providing pulleys for your repairmen will help them remain safe.
  • Shingle ripper- You should invest in an effective shingle ripper to keep your workmen safe. Having a shingle ripper that does not require excessive force will mean that your men will not be in danger of being thrown off balance. Try out several shingle rippers and check out reviews from other roofing companies.

Security Systems

You can also apply various security measures to assure that your repairmen will have less a chance of falling. First of all, you can have a temporary guardrail installed. While this step is not necessary for all roofing projects, the highest sloped roofs should have something along those lines so that there is extra security.

Secondly, you could choose to utilize a PFA system. PFA is a system that connects a repairman to the roof so that if they fall, a lanyard will keep them from falling far. They will be caught and be able to right themselves before falling over the edge. If you wish to employ this system, you will need the following products: synthetic fiber straps, locking snap hooks, body harnesses, and strong anchorage. The anchorage should only be attached to the roof. Having it attached to a platform or guardrail does not offer as much security. When placing the anchor, you should make sure that your repairmen cannot fall over the side of the roof or come close to the ground. They need to fall in a way that they will be able to right themselves and still be on the roof. A body harness, not belt, is required to protect your repairmen in the best way.


22 August 2016

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