Six Tips to Help Hide Your Skip or Make It Less Noticable

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Worried that your skip is going to be an eyesore in front of your business or apartment block? If you are, there are many ways you can hide your skip or at least make it less noticeable. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Opt for a smaller skip.

To make your skip less visually obtrusive, consider a smaller skip. Most skip hire companies offer their clients a range of sizes, including mini skips that are a bit more discreet than large skips. You may need to increase the number of weekly pickups so that a small skip can meet your needs.

2. Build an enclosure for your skip.

Many business owners build enclosures for their skips. A simple rectangular set of wooden fences painted to match your building can help to hide the skip. To ensure the rubbish collector can access the skip as needed to empty it, make sure that the enclosure has at least one side that can be completely removed to give the truck access.

3. Talk with the skip hire company about skip screens.

Some skip hire companies have special skip screens. These can vary, but they are often modular systems that can be integrated with the skip itself. The clean plastic lines of this type of enclosure is typically more attractive than the skip itself.

4. Hide the skip in plain sight.

If building or hiring an enclosure is not an option, consider hiding the skip in plain site. People are much more likely to notice a dirty, odour-producing skip than a clean and tidy one. Power wash the sides of your skip on a weekly basis to remove splashes and residue from rubbish. Also, throw a bit of baking soda into the skip to absorb odours. Although this doesn't hide the skip per se, it makes it less noticeable.

5. Create a plant wall.

Plants can also help to hide a skip. Position the skip near where you already have hedges to hide it. Alternatively, place small potted trees in front of it.  

6. Utilise small bins in high traffic area and put the skip out of the way.

If you currently have the skip positioned where it is easy for people to throw incidental rubbish such as soft drink bottles, fast food wrappers and such like into it, you may want to move it to an out of the way location. To make that possible, invest in several small bins. Place those in your high traffic area and move the skip to a more discreet spot.



22 August 2016

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