Are Your Equipping a New Commercial Kitchen?

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If you are establishing or refurbishing a restaurant, canteen or another commercial kitchen, you must make wise decisions about the equipment you will use to fill the kitchen. Without the right equipment, your staff will spend their time struggling to meet customer demands, and you will be creating long-term problems for everyone. However, choosing commercial kitchen equipment isn't about buying the most equipment for the lowest price. If you opt for cut-price commercial kitchen equipment, you might find that the kitchen runs well for a few months, but you are simply storing up problems for the future, with breakdowns and shortened equipment lifespans being inevitable. To find the best commercial kitchen equipment you must consider both the type of equipment you will need and how it will be arranged in your available space.

What commercial kitchen equipment do you need?

Kitchen needs vary enormously depending on the way your business operates and the type of food you sell. To determine your needs accurately, you must think through your food storage and preparation process, not just the cooking. First, consider storage. You must have both refrigerators and freezers to store the food. In addition, there should also be somewhere for the dry storage of ingredients. Next, think about the cooking processes you use most often. Will you be using electric or gas cookers? Will you need things like griddles, steamers or pressure cookers? Would a combi-oven make better use of your space than two separate ovens? Don't forget to invest in a commercial microwave that can keep up with the fast-paced demands of a commercial kitchen.

Where will you put everything?

Having the right location for every piece of commercial kitchen equipment is just as important as having the right equipment. Consider the flow of work in your kitchen. Do outside food deliveries have easy access to the kitchen? Can the food be stored close to the delivery point or must it be carried through the kitchen? Do you have plenty of space to prepare the food or is the countertop fully occupied with kettles, fryers and rice cookers? Finally, think about how the food will make it from the oven to the customers. Is there a clear route through the kitchen when fully staffed or will your team struggle to navigate past all the commercial kitchen equipment and their fellow employees?

Planning out your kitchen before you start the buying process will ensure that you purchase the best commercial kitchen equipment for your situation and that you don't waste money on items that are unsuitable or will consume too much valuable space. To learn more, contact a commercial kitchen equipment supplier.


19 August 2021

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