Three Problems That Could Arise with Industrial Rubber Hose—And How to Fix Them

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Industrial hoses have a variety of uses, but like all equipment, they can suffer from damage, especially if they have been used incorrectly or poorly maintained. Here are three of the most common problems you might find, with details on how to fix them—and stop them from happening again. 1. Burst hose A hose that has burst with a diagonal slash could have two causes. Either the pressure was too high and it has burst from the inside, or something external has damaged it and caused the burst from the outside.

6 September 2022

Key Differences Between Concrete Vibrators

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How do you choose the best concrete vibrator? Because different applications call for different features, there are a range of concrete vibrators to suit any job. For example, a homeowner might be pouring a small slab and only need a cordless model with minimal vibration, while a contractor handling large-scale commercial jobs will likely prefer a more powerful model with more vibration. Read on below to see the key differences between different types of concrete vibrators.

11 April 2022

Still Doing It By Hand? Why You Need To Invest In An Automatic Labelling Machine

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If you own a business and you're still labelling your mail the old-fashioned way, it's time for a change. It's time to invest in an automatic labelling machine. You might not realise this, but an automatic labelling machine is one of the best investments you can make for your business, especially where your commercial mail is concerned. Each piece of correspondence you send out is a representation of your business. If your correspondence isn't labelled properly, it reflects poorly on your business.

25 January 2022