Simple Tips for Selecting the Ideal Scrap Metal Dealer

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Scrap metal is produced in both commercial and residential properties after consumption of diverse goods. This material can be re-processed in recycling plants and utilised in fabricating new commodities. This environmentally-friendly production process requires less energy compared to mining and processing metal ores before manufacture. In addition, the value of the scrap metal means that you can get monetary compensation for your waste metals. Therefore, you should consider collecting materials such as metal cans, construction reinforcement steel, wires, old cookware and other similar commodities and present them to a specialist dealer. Here are some tips on selecting an ideal scrap metal recycler.

Know the Acceptable Materials

Most types of metals can be reprocessed by good recycling plants to produce usable fresh material. However, scrap metal dealers will not accept old consumer metals that are contaminated, hazardous or expensive to recycle. Therefore, you should inquire about the acceptability of the materials that you plan to sell by pertinent companies. Generally, you can present both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in form of electrical wires, plumbing components, kitchenware, foil, household containers and building materials such as roofing sheets, nails and re-bars.

Some dealers will accept lead acid batteries, transformers without oil and capacitors. However, if you have such materials, it is important to inquire about the acceptance conditions by different recycling companies before choosing the most convenient. Additionally, you should know whether they deal with specialty metals like titanium, nickel, lead and magnesium. If you have other materials but they contain asbestos, mercury, pressurised LPG and other similar hazardous materials or the metal is intimately manufactured with plastics, you are unlikely to find an accepting dealer.

Compare the Offered Price

You should request for an outline of the monetary price offered per unit weight of the scrap metal. Compare the values presented with the current market rate in the country and region. In addition, you should ensure that the dealer has a certified scale for measuring and be present during the process. Note that common ferrous metals like steel and iron are not expensive, but you will get good money if you have substantial amounts. Non-ferrous materials like copper, brass and titanium are more valuable and the returns will be better.

Know the Charges

There are services provided by scrap metal dealers that will attract monetary charges. You should ask the company to be upfront about these costs before making an official commitment so that you can mitigate the fees For example, the company might charge you for transportation and sorting of the scrap.


25 February 2016

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