4 steps that will increase the efficiency of your core drilling

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Core drilling is a method used for creating openings in a wall where air conditioning vents, pipes or wires can be fit through. As a new operator, the task of core drilling can be intimidating. Even with the right equipment for the job, an operator should be able to use the equipment safely and correctly to achieve the desired results. Before drilling, as an operator, here's what you should bear in mind.

An anchor

A straight core needs a proper rig anchoring. Physical anchors related to core drilling are the best and the most essential way of anchoring a drill.For optimum results, use of proper tools is very important. If you are drilling on smooth surfaces, a vacuum gasket in a good working condition is recommended. However, you should not use a vacuum gasket when drilling into a wall or a celling. While drilling, using a vacuum gasket will ensure that you have a visual indication of the availability of an adequate vacuum.


Water is one of the most important factors if you are drilling with a wet core bit. Water helps in a drilling process as it mixes with concrete and dust hence helping it become slurry. The slurry solution keeps the core bit cool as well as exposes the diamonds allowing the bit to come into contact with the slurry and the particles in it. It is however important to use the correct amount of water because without enough water the slurry will not form, thus the diamond will grind on the same particles. Too much water on the hand will was away all the concrete dust. Consistency in applying water is thus very important.


The difference in the speed of core drilling could mean the difference between glazing the diamond segments and proper grinding. The revolution per minute of a core driller, determines the performance of optimal cutting. Core drills have multiple operating speeds, providing you with different core bits that operate at appropriate speeds.


The correct amount of power is important in maintaining the proper speed of drilling. Core drillers are mostly electric powered and the use of an amp meter is thus recommended. Using a higher electric power than required can wear your core driller and on the other hand less electric power will reduce efficiency as well as productivity.

It is also important to remember that your safety and that of those around you is paramount. Understanding the above mentioned steps will increase your productivity as an operator.


29 February 2016

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