How to Ensure That Steel Spiral Ducting Will Not Corrode

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Spiral ducting has several benefits, such as providing superior airflow rates, over rectangular ducting. However, extra measures should be taken to protect steel spiral ducting from corrosion. This article discusses some of the measures that you can take to ensure that the steel spiral ducting in the HVAC system of your home doesn't corrode.

Provide Adequate Ventilation

HVAC ducting usually runs through tight spaces, such as the attic. Such a location may favour the action of agents of corrosion if preventive measures are not taken. For instance, the limited air circulation there may reduce the amount of oxygen that is available in the attic. This reduced airflow may favour the accumulation of corrosive gases, such as silicates. Those corrosive gases can eventually start corroding the steel spiral ducting. Take extra care to ensure that the spaces where the ducting runs are adequately ventilated so that the buildup of corrosive gases is prevented.

Choose Connectors Carefully

Steel spiral ducting can also corrode if the ducts are exposed to connectors that are made from different metals. This is referred to as galvanic corrosion. For example, the steel ducting may rapidly corrode if it is exposed to connectors made from aluminium or zinc. You should therefore be cautious and buy connectors that are non-metallic, such as those made from plastic. Such connectors will not react with the spiral ducting in your home.

Buy Powder-Coated Ducting

You may not be able to predict which substances or materials the steel spiral ducting will be exposed to over the years. It may therefore not be easy for you to take preventive measures that target a specific agent of corrosion. You can get peace of mind by buying steel spiral ducting that has been powder-coated during the fabrication process. The surface of such spiral ducting will be protected from any corrosion that can result from contact with different materials, such as moisture and other metals. Such spiral ducting may cost more initially, but the reduced risks that you will face can justify that added expense.

Many other steps, such as passivisation, can be taken during the fabrication process in order to reduce the likelihood of corrosion. It is therefore advisable for you to talk to different suppliers of steel spiral ducting so that you compare the different protective measures that were used to keep corrosion at bay. It will then be easier for you to select the spiral ducting that has the best anti-corrosion protection for its entire service life.


17 August 2016

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