What You Should Know About Scrap Metal Recycling

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Scrap metal recycling is a way to get rid of any extra metal you have around the house, whether copper piping after you have your home's plumbing system renovated or you are removing the metal roofing panel from your house. Here are some things to know about scrap metal recycling.

The Value is Based on the Type of Metal

If you are wondering how much you will get for your scrap metal, you first need to figure out if you have ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Ferrous metal is not usually worth as much money, which includes metal like iron and steel. Non-ferrous metal can often go for more as it is more valuable, which includes metal like copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum. If you aren't sure what type of metal you have, you can use a magnet to figure it out. Take a magnet and place it against the scrap of metal; if it doesn't stick, you have non-ferrous metal. It will stick easily to ferrous metal.

Different Scrap Yards Accept Different Metals

Another thing you should know about recycling scrap metal is that not all scrap yards are going to accept the same types of metal. Some of them specialise in ferrous or non-ferrous metals, while others have limits with the quantity of metal and specific types they look for, such as copper or bronze. The majority of scrap yards are going to take metal like steel, copper, aluminum, and brass, which is likely most of the scrap metal you will find. However, some scrap yards might not take minimal amounts and prefer you to save it up and bring it in bulk, while others won't take aluminum cans or wire. It helps to call ahead of time to find out what their rules or restrictions are.

There Are Multiple Benefits to Recycling Scrap Metal

While recycling scrap metal does require a little time and energy, it is well worth it. You will benefit in a number of different ways. First of all, recycling your scrap metal gets you a little extra cash. Even if you are recycling small amounts of metal, you can still earn a little money toward your home renovations or simply to put aside for emergencies. Another benefit of course is that it helps the environment, since all this metal is not going to fill up at local landfills. Finally, it is an easy way to get rid of your extra waste without having to try to figure out how to fit it in your regular waste bin.


19 August 2016

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