Creating a Dog Fence With Rolls of Welded Wire: Tips and Ideas

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Rolls of welded metal offer one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create a fence for your dog. However, if you want the fence to be as effective and long lasting as possible, there are some tips you should keep in mind. Check out these ideas:

1. Choose a corrosion resistant metal.

Your dog is likely to urinate on your fence, and additionally, dogs passing by who smell your dog may also urinate on the fence. To ensure their caustic urine doesn't corrode the metal of the fence, look for metal fencing with a corrosion-resistant sealant.

2. Opt for small openings.

Rolls of welded metal including hog wire, chicken wire and related types of fencing have openings of various sizes. If you have a small dog, keep his petite size in mind whilst choosing your metal rolls and opt for ones with small openings. In most cases, the metal rolls with the smallest openings tend to be more expensive than the rolls of the same height and length with larger openings -- this happens simply because the former takes more metal to create.

If you want a compromise, look for a roll of metal fencing that has relatively small openings along the bottom and larger openings on the top. Additionally, if your dog is only a pup, you may buy a bit of metal fencing with holes that will be too small for an adult dog to pass through. However, to ensure your little pup cannot escape while he's growing, add an additional sheet of metal mesh over the metal fencing.

3. Tighten and pull metal fencing tautly.

A roll of metal hog wire looks like the easiest material to create a fence out of. At first glance, you pop the fence posts in the ground, and attach the metal to the small hooks on the fence posts. Technically, this approach will work, but it won't stand the test of time.

Ultimately, the metal between the fence posts will start to sag. That could allow your dog to escape. To prevent this issue, work with a professional fencing contractor, or use a set of winches and a tow rope to pull the ends of your fencing material taut before attaching them to your posts.

4. Cover the metal mesh if your dog is tempted by views outside the yard.

If your dog gets overly excited when people or other pets walk by, you may want to boost his privacy levels. You can cover metal fences with material that you weave through the openings of the fence or with large sheets that you place over each space between your fence posts.

For more ideas on rolls of metal fencing and dogs, contact a fence contractor.  


22 August 2016

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