Why Offer Customization?

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By offering variety in your company's business, you will be more likely to have something that every customer needs. If you just offer basically cut metal sheets, your customers will need to cut it themselves. For some, that will be just fine. For others, that will be enough to turn them away, seeking another business. Offering custom metal fabrication does not cost your business anything and will benefit you in the following ways.


First of all, offering custom metal fabrication means that you will have a higher revenue as more customers will find what they need in your stock. This will strengthen your relationship with the customer. They will know they can come back, because you are able to cater to each specific need. Additionally, because the metal is customized and you must spend extra time cutting it, you can ask more for the customized metal than you could for a sheet of metal that actually had more metal on it.

Another way you will save money is in transportation. Why take all that extra metal with you if your customer only wants circles that are about 2/3 of each sheet of metal (for example)? With less weight, your truck will benefit on gas mileage, saving you money from not having to haul metal that will not be used anyway.


Customization opens the door to opportunity. You are able to serve not only construction businesses that could cut the metal themselves but also DIY home improvers who do not have the ability or tools to cut the metal on site. They only know exactly how big the metal they need is. You would be able to work with architectural metal fabrication, perhaps striking up a business deal between your business and the architects to always provide them with the specialized metal they need. Last of all, you could help in stainless steel handrail fabrication. By spending a little bit of time educating the team members of your business on each aspect, you can be best prepared to serve each customer's needs.


Last of all, offering this service will benefit your customer. Some customers may not have much knowledge about the steel fabrication process. If you don't offer customization, they will find a company that does. Though it may take a bit of extra time to train your company's workers to cut and prepare the sheet metal according to customized orders, your customer will be appreciative of your efforts. Loyal customers are the best a business can ask for. Your customers will then be all the advertisement you need.


23 August 2016

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