4 Tips on How to Properly Store Your Idle Pallets

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Pallet cages are indispensable when it comes to handling goods during transport and storage. They help keep the goods secured while in transit and when being stored. What's more, their stackable feet design makes it easy to handle during transport and storage, and the stackable pallet cages are excellent warehouse space savers. However, your pallets may not always be in use. It's not unusual to find yourself with piles of idle or unusable pallet cages. Perhaps you have brought in an additional pile or may need to keep your old pallet cages somewhere for disposal, repair, sale, etc. Proper storage of idle pallets is vital to prevent fire hazards (if you have wooden pallet cages) or toppling dangers to the people on site. Therefore, here's all you need to know about the proper storage of your idle pallets.

Consider Outdoor Storage

You can choose to store your idle pallets either indoors or outdoors. However, it's always best to consider outdoor storage whenever possible. That's because outdoor storage greatly reduces risks of injuries to workers and property damage if the stacks collapse or catch fire. For instance, if a fire breaks out, which is common with pallets, injuries and property damage can be highly avoided because managing an outdoor fire outbreak tends to be much easier.

However, if outdoor storage is not a solution, make sure your warehouse sprinkler system is properly maintained.

Keep the Pallet Cages in Horizontal Stacks for Improved Stability

Stacking your idle pallet cages properly is also vital in enhancing stability. Tall pallet stacks are typically less stable and more likely to fall over or collapse, injuring people and damaging property. Therefore, remember to stock them horizontally. Also, for better stability, remember to stack them on their deck boards instead of their sides, which are generally weaker and less likely to support the weight of pallet stacks.

Keep the Pallet Cages Away From Fire Hazards

Fire is among the significant risks that idle pallet cages pose. Therefore, it's imperative to keep them as far away as possible from other fire hazards. Therefore, store your idle pallet cages at a safe distance from fuelling areas or gas areas. If you are keeping them indoors, ensure the site has protected doorways and fire-retardant walls.

Check Existing Pallet Storage Guidelines

Many local, national and international guidelines exist regarding proper pallet storage. Therefore, acquaint yourself with the existing rules and regulations to understand your limits.


9 April 2021

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