Still Doing It By Hand? Why You Need To Invest In An Automatic Labelling Machine

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If you own a business and you're still labelling your mail the old-fashioned way, it's time for a change. It's time to invest in an automatic labelling machine. You might not realise this, but an automatic labelling machine is one of the best investments you can make for your business, especially where your commercial mail is concerned. Each piece of correspondence you send out is a representation of your business. If your correspondence isn't labelled properly, it reflects poorly on your business.

25 January 2022

Benefits of Cleaning Industrial Underground Concrete Water Tanks Using an ROV

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Underground concrete water tanks are some of the most long-lasting models in the industrial sector. Notably, underground tanks are mainly used for water storage purposes; hence, they are popular with industrial plants that use a lot of water, such as textile plants. While some industrial concrete water tanks can last a decade or so, others can serve an industrial plant for up to a century. The difference between the two timelines is proper maintenance.

18 November 2021

Are Your Equipping a New Commercial Kitchen?

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If you are establishing or refurbishing a restaurant, canteen or another commercial kitchen, you must make wise decisions about the equipment you will use to fill the kitchen. Without the right equipment, your staff will spend their time struggling to meet customer demands, and you will be creating long-term problems for everyone. However, choosing commercial kitchen equipment isn't about buying the most equipment for the lowest price. If you opt for cut-price commercial kitchen equipment, you might find that the kitchen runs well for a few months, but you are simply storing up problems for the future, with breakdowns and shortened equipment lifespans being inevitable.

19 August 2021

Advantages of Hiring CAD Drafting Services for Your Manufacturing Business

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The manufacturing industry can be quite lucrative since there will always be a demand for the production of items irrespective of what business you specialise in. Whether you produce auto parts or medical equipment, a vast range of different components will always be in demand so you need to position your business as a leading supplier of these parts. However, if you are relying on designing these components manually, you will be doing your business a disservice.

26 May 2021

4 Tips on How to Properly Store Your Idle Pallets

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Pallet cages are indispensable when it comes to handling goods during transport and storage. They help keep the goods secured while in transit and when being stored. What's more, their stackable feet design makes it easy to handle during transport and storage, and the stackable pallet cages are excellent warehouse space savers. However, your pallets may not always be in use. It's not unusual to find yourself with piles of idle or unusable pallet cages.

9 April 2021

What Makes Stainless Steel Special?

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Billions of people use stainless steel every day, whether it is in their vehicles on their way to work or in their kitchen when they prepare food. It is one of the most widely used metal alloys in the world, and yet as a whole, the population knows very little about it other than what its self-describing name tells them, which is a shame because the manufacturing process and subsequent uses for stainless steel is a testament to the triumph of human engineering.

9 October 2018

What to Ask When Hiring a Shipping Container

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A shipping container is usually required for overseas shipments that don't fit into a standard box or on a pallet; even if not legally required, they can offer more protection for your items than shrink-wrap or any other type of packaging. When you're ready for a one-time shipment, you might simply hire a shipping container rather than buy one. Note a few questions to ask before you do, so you ensure you get a container that will work for you.

24 August 2016